Happy Halloween Messages – 10 Scary Halloween Sms Messages

Looking for Halloween Messages Online? You are at the Right Place. Here are Some of The Best Happy Halloween Messages For Wishing Yor Friends and Loved Ones. You can Share These Messages on Facebook and Whatsapp. So Lets Have a Look on Unique Messages For This Halloween :

Happy Halloween Messages 2016 :

Scary Happy Halloween Messages

Scary Happy Halloween Messages

Your first pumpkin is here,
your very first autumn
and your costume too!
Hope that you have a happy 1st Halloween!

O time, when you turn backward,
in your flight…
Make us kids again
just for the Halloween night!
Have a fun-filled Halloween celebration!

Not candies but sweet kisses are
what I want from you,
and I’m sending you some to
say that you make each of my days a treat!
Have a sweet Halloween celebration!

As the scary black cats prowl
and carved-out pumpkins gleam,
I wish that luck be yours on Halloween.
Happy Halloween!

Roses are red and ghosts are white…
On this special day,
let me give you some fright!
Happy Halloween!

You may find it scary,
and feel the fright…
But you’re sure to have fun
on Halloween night.
Wishing you a groovy Halloween!

Tombs are open,
and mummies are on prowl…
Witches with cats and wizards with owl…
All searching for us to trick
and treat on the Halloween night.
Wishing you a groovy Halloween!

I’m hiding under my bed
with a pumpkin above my head…
The city seems to be painted black and red…
Run if you don’t want to be dead.
Happy Halloween!

If you don’t get to see a ghost on Halloween,
don’t worry!
Just look at your image in the mirror
and start making merry!
Happy Halloween!

On Halloween,
wishing that you pretend as if
nothing can frighten you…
And if there’s something to scare you
and make you run,
just remember that it’s Halloween fun!
Happy Halloween!

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